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Shreya & Samarth's The River Bank Goa Wedding


‘Swiggy’ing breakfast because that morning meal slipped everyone’s mind was a fitting start to this warm ‘home’ wedding we shot late last year. 

I’ve always loved shooting events at peoples homes. The sense of familiarity nicely translates into photos and that comfort coupled with the undeniable charm of having a small wedding establishes a very unique sentiment. It’s no longer about making it on time for the sunset on the beach or the grandeur of a palace but, to think of the little things. To put on your transitory Marie Kondo hat. To seat 40 people in the dining room meant for 6. To find a makeshift hook and avoid another nail in the wall. The topics of debate and discussion are different. But, simple and warm different =)

This was our first fully at-home wedding and we’re extremely grateful to Sunita and Sunny for having us document their epic occasion .. thank you. These are just a very few favourites from a zillion pictures filled with love, laughter, simplicity and warmth.

A massive shout out to the amazing people from Purple Rings who masterfully planned and executed this event to perfection.

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