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Reema & Shreyas

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Bride side family was from Mumbai and grooms family is from pune so they wanted to have a destination wedding away from their home cities.

Shreyas and Reema’s wedding was arranged, but you simply cannot guess that by being with them. Because the moment you see them you could feel those deep loved feelings that they share with each other. So because of this we called them the most passionate couple.

Shreyas and reema’s destination wedding was nothing but a 3 day long party in the della resort.
Their first day began with sangeet and haldi which was fun to shoot followed by mehendi was a light and casual affair.

Next day the celebration started with pool party and some fun games and entertainments. Both the families had fun dancing with each other.Sangeet night was an absolute blast! shreyas and reema had the longest entries we had seen-almost 15 minutes long! The couple was exited for their dance performance and even more excited to dance the night away with family and friends.

Hukkah played an important role in our getting ready shoot.and we got some nice shots that they would remember forever.

Their wedding and reception was super fun and relaxed affair as everyone was still a bit tired from last night.

Shreyas, reema and their family and friends had a blast of their lives celebrating the wedding in della resort. We wish them very best, lovely and happy life together.

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